Co-founder, CTO, and Board Member at Transparent Systems

Transparent built Xand - the world's first digital dollar - enabling real-time settlement 24/7/365 with no fees. I built the company from 0 to 32 and raised over $23M, with investors including Pantera and Square. Check out our open source work at our final repo.

Technical Advisor to Paul Allen

I worked directly for Paul at Vulcan - overseeing 90+ projects and investments, ranging from satellites to stop illegal fishing and drones to stop poaching in Africa to cellular, brain, and artificial intelligence institutes and genetically modified corals. Learn about Paul's legacy.


Real time 3D capture and transmission of full scenes - now with 100% more mobility (and 97% less bandwidth).Check out the project site and the most recent project video.

Project Natick

Never before has dropping your computer into the ocean made so much sense. Check out the project site and the media site.

Autonomous Lawn Mowers

Roombas for your lawn - similar problem, way higher chance of causing damage. The version I worked on is not yet released - the video and images here are from a previous product, but are representative of what I worked on.

Google Fiber: Nick's First Pitch

Giving a good kid with a terrible illness a chance to do the impossible - see the full video.

Hybrid Safety System

Letting humans and industrial robots work in the same space without CRUSHING PUNY HUMANS. Check out the project video and the project page.

Autonomous Caterpillar Mining Trucks

Making 38 ton mining trucks drive themselves - it's like a rolling two story building making its own decisions. Check out the project video.

Robotic Laser Paint Stripping

3 ton forklift. 20 foot robot arm. 8000 watt laser. Military jets. Written up in Gizmodo and other places. Check out the project video and the project page.

Hacking the Kinect

Lead author of a book about how to use your Kinect for awesome things like person tracking and making 3D models - check it out on Amazon


The Occasionally Safe Carbon Arc Ray - a throwback carbon arc lamp. Making light with plasma!

Fuzzy Bayesian Sensor Fusion for Localization

Can fuzzy logic make for better probabilistic mathematical filters? Turns out, yes.


An unmanned surface vehicle for autonomous port and bridge monitoring and anomaly detection.


A patented system for precisely placing objects on conveyor belts when they cannot touch each other. Check out videos of fill all mode and skip mode.


A robot that plays a mean game of foozball.